Sex Is..., an explicit documentary, hits video stores

One of the most frank and explicit documentaries on gay sex in years will be available on video in a Water Bearer Films release this month. In Sex Is... director/producer Marc Huestis and producer Lawrence Helman confront gay male sex in America through interviews with 15 men ranging in age from 19 to 73. By examining the definitions of sex and sexuality in the lives of these men, Sex Is... provides a sober view of how gay men face issues of intimacy during the age of AIDS.

"In terms of the overall evolution of AIDS film, I think Sex Is... is the first widely distributed work that includes sexually explicit material within the discussion of gay sexuality," Huestis says.

While this adult film contains graphic sexual footage interspersed with personal recollections, it is not gratuitous or condescending. In fact, the true weight of the film is provided by the starkly honest and often emotional anecdotes of the featured men. By exploring sexual issues that all people face, regardless of sexual orientation, Sex Is... proves relevant to us all.