POZ June-July 1994

POZ June-July 1994

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Bill T. Jones

Bill T. Jones On Top

Bill T. Jones isn’t afraid to say what he feels or believes.

Hysterical calls for quarantine have returned with this lethal disease that frequently affects PWAs.

How TB Came Back

The disease quaintly referred to as “consumption” in the novels of its Victorian heyday has come roaring back onto the public health scene.

Home HIV Testing Is Near

What’s all the fuss about, anyway?

Inside the Issue

Sean Strub


On becoming a survivor

POZ Magazine

Remembering Rudy

“Will those who never saw him dance think of him only as the Rock Hudson of ballet?”

POZ Magazine

Home Free?

Home testing also raises legal issues

POZ Magazine

Strubco and the Home Test

POZ publisher plays role in development of home test kit

POZ Magazine

Community Support?

Initial response to survey seems strong and enthusiastic

POZ Magazine

C’est Magnifique!

Florent Morellet carves up the meat packing district

POZ Magazine

Marlon Riggs, 37

Marlon Riggs, a filmmaker who won Emmy and Peabody awards for his documentaries died of AIDS on April 5.

POZ Magazine

Pas de Deux

Learning to dance

POZ Magazine

Bad News Barrer

POZ’s interview with Bob Hattoy ruffles Kris Gebbie’s feathers

POZ Magazine

Finnish Your Veggies

Study linking vitamins with cancer criticized

POZ Magazine

Who’s Tim McCarthy?

GCN’s White House correspondent recording history

POZ Magazine

Flex This

How strongman Teddy Kalidas already won

POZ Magazine


Sex Is..., an explicit documentary, hits video stores

POZ Magazine


When known HIV exposure occurs

POZ Magazine

POZ Biz: The Cure

If the government won’t spend the money to find a cure for AIDS, there is always Hollywood.

POZ Magazine

See No Evil

Patrick O’Connell’s visual world

POZ Magazine


David Fisch’s angry legacy

POZ Magazine

Speaking the Truth

APLA’s Phill Wilson walks the walk

POZ Magazine


Learning to Heal: Mothers’ Voices, Miracle House and other confront the pain head on

POZ Magazine

Urban Angels

Sam & Howard Josepher’s big city problems

POZ Magazine

Acting Up

Tonya Hall tells her story on stage

POZ Magazine

AIDS Zen: Morning

Waking from sleep -- a plane is heard descending.

POZ Magazine

Essay: World AIDS Conference

Pessimism reigns as Japan’s World AIDS Conference nears

POZ Magazine

Animal Farm Redux

Living with both intelligent awareness and HIV poses trials of endurance little documented in the vast literature of the plague.

POZ Magazine


Surviving a big city breakdown

POZ Magazine


Oral sex just ain’t what it used to be

POZ Magazine


Avoiding the burnt-out physician

POZ Magazine

Alternative Health

Long-term survivors can help us now

POZ Magazine


How People covers AIDS says a lot about us

POZ Magazine

HIV Standard of Care

HIV Standards of Care differ by region, treatment philosophy and patient population.

POZ Magazine

Going Home: Gene Schneider

Gene Schneider’s own private Iowa

POZ Magazine

Gazette-June/July 1994

What’s news in the world of AIDS


POZ June/July 1994

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