Classy Boss: Diageo, a British-based alcoholic-beverage company, will bestow a lifetime supply of HIV meds to positive African employees—and their dependents—even if terminated.

Harm Nix: California is creating guidelines for giving post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to all at-risk neggies, thanks to a new state law extending PEP beyond rape victims and needle-pricked health workers.

Turning Point: Circumcision and genital mutilation have been snipped from Ethiopia’s Gonder region. Some 350 hackers hung up their unsterilized tools—which, health officials say, have spread HIV.


Boss Hogg: Thailand’s Business Coalition on AIDS reports that 20 percent of Thai private employers issue nonconsensual HIV tests to workers and applicants—a big government no-no.

Harm Redux: Amid threats to HIV-prevention funding for U.S. programs helping gay men avoid risky sex related to drug use, the CDC has found that two-thirds of young, urban gays use illicit drugs.

Sticking Point: One-third of medical injections in developing countries involve reused or improperly sterilized needles, according to the World Health Organization.