POZ February-March 2004

POZ February-March 2004

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Daring to Declare

When should you tell your new Valentine you’re positive? With some Beyoncé in the background? Over a light lunch?

Inside the Issue

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Old Drugs, New Tricks

Wanna give your meds more bite against HIV and less toxic bark? Three of yesterday’s treatment no-no’s may be just what the doctor orders

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How helped Alaska’s Clarence and Chad break the ice


Disclosure isn’t always a choice

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You’d think the Internet was invented to help a few horny people with very specific interests get their rocks off.

Lanessa Riobe

Go, Girl!

Lanessa Riobe, 16, of Kissimmee, Florida, in the Halloween costume that got her suspended from Osceola High School.

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South African experts argue that growing up parentless will not push Africa’s 12 million AIDS orphans into crime, militias or sex work...

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Tribute: Greg Smith

Pride and Prejudice 1962-2003

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Service With a Smile

Mountains Beyond Mountains, Pulitzer-winner Tracy Kidder’s biography of Paul Farmer, doesn’t merely educate—it motivates.

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Karma Chameleon

He’s the most interesting pioneer you’ve never heard of. Philip Glass adored him; David Byrne and Allen Ginsberg collaborated with him.

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That ’80s Show

The ACT UP Oral History Project video collection, by Sarah Schulman and Jim Hubbard, reminisces about the heyday of the AIDS Coalition...

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Criminal Neglect

On January 25, 2003, a frigid day inside Limestone Correctional Facility in Capshaw, Alabama, large pieces of ceiling fell from overhead...

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Circumcision and genital mutilation have been snipped from Ethiopia’s Gonder region.

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Comic Relief

Cardinal Sin: The Vatican earns no A’s in science—it condemned Galileo until 1992 for saying the Earth circled the Sun.

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In Memoriam

As many HIVers triumphantly leap into 2004, we also mourn the loss—in one week—of three long-term survivor AIDS activists and one esteemed...

depressed man in a dark room

The Great Depression

POZ founder Sean Strub fell into one. Here’s how he climbed out.

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Street-drug use and not knowing you’re positive are closely linked to having PCP pneumonia, says a small Chicago study.

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Norvir up by 400%

Boosting price, not potency

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Guidelines Re-revised

Last July, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued a revised set of guidelines for HIV treatment.

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Genital Hospital

Penises and vaginas can spread plenty of joy—and STDS, among HIVers in particular.

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Immune Up

Your CD4s were way low, so you’ve started HIV meds, and everything is coming up roses (viral load’s down, CD4s are up).

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Do Single HIVers Die Faster?

A recent report would have you believe that when it comes to affairs of the HAART this Valentine’s Day, single HIVers face killer loneliness

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More than 50 percent

...of HIVers switch or ditch their HIV combo in the first year due to side effects--mostly gastrointestinal ills like nausea and diarrhea.

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Growing Up Positive

George Johnson, MD, directs the Pediatric HIV Clinic at the Medical University of South Carolina, but many of his patients aren’t babies.

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Gum Up

Sometimes my mouth is so dry—I assume it’s from my meds—that my lips almost stick

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Quick Study: Vitamins & Minerals

In a Thai study, HIVers with CD4 counts under 200 (and not on HIV meds) who took a high-selenium supplement (0.4mg a day plus many other...

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Editor’s Letter

On World AIDS Day more condoms pass hands than on any other day of the year.

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I’ve just read the October 2003 Publisher’s Letter, and I sympathize with Brad Peebles’ worries.

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Unhappy Meal

An HIVer boycotts Big Macs after his bout with McDiscrimination


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