We already knew O.J. was squeezed from a fruit

Avid watchers of the circus trial of the century may also have learned that, according to author Sheila Weller and the National Enquirer, the macho-football hero’s distant dad was a San Francisco drag queen who died of AIDS in 1985.

We hear Barbara Walters will host America’s Most Wanted next year

The media hysteria that often reduced Olympian Greg Louganis’ coming out as HIV positive to nothing more than unreasonable mass speculation as to which “innocent” divers and doctors he may have exposed to HIV can be traced to Barbara Walters. According to Out magazine, it was a clip of the Walters interviw that set the tone for the media’s response. The network’s teaser ended with dramatic this-should-reel-’em-in style as Louganis confessed he didn’t know whether he had endangered anyone.

Rush Limbaugh was called in to conduct a sensitivity-training workshop

Bob Enyart, a Denver TV talk show host, saw fit to play “Another One Bites the Dust” and superimposed the word “SODOMITE” over an obituary of someone he suspected died of AIDS. Colorado gay groups were understandably enraged.

That’s because Mayor Giuliani trembled at the thought of being labeled Democratic

A January 23rd editorial in the New York Daily News inflamed debate inside and out the gay community as to whether authorities should shut down New York City sex clubs whose patrons engage in unprotected sex. The editorial claimed that authorities, “trembling at the thought of being labeled homophobic,” had not had the courage to do what was right. The editorial set the tone for much of the debate: Little or no discussion of wheher closings would stop unprotected sex or merely move it to places such as parks that are less accessible to outreach.

Tune your radio to WPOZ

Conservative Boston radio talk-show host David Brudnoy rocked the ranks of the liberal gay establishment when he publicly announced that he is gay on the air—and then added that he is HIV positive. “I will certainly do programs about AIDS, as I always have,” Brudnoy said. “But my obligation is to explore issues, not become a poster boy.”