1. Stars and Stripes: At a June LIFEbeat benefit, dancers made like mannequins, while loud-and-proud Billy Dolls in get-ups by top New York designers were auctioned off.

2. Kiss and Make Up: In April, rival HIV-hunters Drs. Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo shook hands over a joint $100,000 research prize from the Warren Albert Foundation.

3. Hair-Raiser: A subtle twist among 1,200 crazy ’dos and don’ts at Wigwood, an annual spring benefit for Atlanta’s AIDS groups.

4. Forget Godzilla: Summer’s monster headliner? “Blood-stained Prez strikes Big Apple needle-exchange rally. Hundreds flee.”

5. L.A. Confidential: WeHo Lounge, the nation’s only coffee shop–cum–HIV testing center, celebrated its first birthday in June.

6. Tootsie for Tots: Kicking back with the kids, Dustin Hoffman and fellow celebs raised $1.8 million at the Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s annual carnival.

7. We Are Family: Former Playmate Rebekka Armstrong and Shawn “Positoid” Decker snuggle while signing autographs at the New York City stop on the POZ Life Expo tour.