The National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA) “has ceased operations and has filed a petition in United States Bankruptcy Court to discharge its debts in bankruptcy and liquidate,” according to a NAPWA statement signed by board chair Tyler TerMeer. Creditors are owed more than $750,000, and as much as $700,000 is either missing or unaccounted for, the Washington Blade reports. NAPWA’s landlord is owed $75,000, according to the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. The District of Columbia HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Disease Administration is owed $54,000. Many former employees are also listed as creditors. An unnamed source told the Blade that the NAPWA board asked the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office to investigate the unaccounted funds, but a spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny an investigation was under way. Last October, NAPWA president and CEO Frank Oldham announced his resignation. He was supposed to leave his position effective December 31, but left in November. Soon after, several senior positions were eliminated. The NAPWA statement does not explain why the organization failed. NAPWA was founded in 1983.

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