Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit for anyone, but it’s especially harmful to people living with HIV. Smoking increases your risks of health problems such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and lung disease. POZ asked for your thoughts on smoking and cigarettes. Here are your responses.

9% of you smoke more than a pack a day.

33% of you smoke less than a pack a day.

8% of you smoke occasionally or in social situations.

Top 5 strategies used for quitting smoking:

  1. Will power
  2. Nicotine replacement therapy (e.g., patch or gum)
  3. Prescription medication (e.g., Zyban or Chantix)
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Support group

How old were you when you tried your first cigarette?
18% 12 or younger
45% 13-16
20% 17-20
17% 21 or older

Should smoking be banned in parks and outdoor public spaces?
61%  Yes

Should smoking be banned in bars and restaurants?
76%  Yes

Should people be able to use electronic cigarettes in places where cigarettes are banned?
58%  Yes

Should stores be required to conceal cigarettes and tobacco products?
37%  Yes
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