POZ-Boehner.jpgThe new issue of Poz Magazine is out and the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is the cover boy.  Click on his face to read about why Ohio is important in the fight for the continued funding of ADAP, and why it’s so worrisome that a man who is quick to cry is reticent to shed tears for the HIV/AIDS community when it comes to cutting services for them.
This week is AIDSWatch in DC, when advocates meet with their representatives to discuss the issues that affect the community.  I was just called out on Facebook for not being there- I do live two hours away, I really should be there.  But politics on a certain level scares me... in that arena, I don’t feel like I can make any progress.  I’m being told by some that they don’t feel that is the case, and I appreciate that people think this of me. 

Up until now, my role in this big battle against HIV/AIDS, homophobia, ignorance and all of the forces that conspire to keep infections on the rise and the spirits of those living with HIV low... my role in this has been to make people feel better- to humanize this. Coming out of the gate at age 20, I had an idea of how I could help, and it was easy to get started because it was a simple concept: be me, but be me and talk about living with HIV.  It was so crazy it worked.  But in 2011, perhaps it’s time to step out of my comfort zone more... it’s scary, I cling to my comfort, because it’s the source of what makes me tick.


April is National STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease- but you probably know that if you’re reading this blog) Awareness Month, and me and Gwenn are hoping it’s Get Busy month.  I’m not being cheeky, we really want to get busy and do our thing, which is educating about HIV/AIDS and sexual health.

Here’s a video of us doing just that:

Most readers of this blog know I speak at colleges, universities and also at HIV/AIDS conferences and other events.  It’s my work with Gwenn in breaking down walls about attitudes regarding sex and HIV/AIDS that I’m most proud of, particularly that people who are already infected with a life-long STD (or STI- Sexually Transmitted Infection, as is the correct acronym) can have healthy relationships.  It’s an aspect of sexual health that is overlooked, and I’m happy to do my part as someone living with HIV who is also an educator.

So if you are interested in having me and Gwenn educate, just fill out this form over at ShawnandGwenn.com.  Thanks for allowing me this cheap plug- it is my life’s work (along with My Pet Virus, which I hope is out there educating someone right now), and I’m glad I’ve gotten to do it for as long as I have and with such a great partner, in every sense of the word.

OK, I will be back to my regularly scheduled blog topics tomorrow!

Positively Yours,

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