My good buddy Ben was the first to step up to the donation plate. Boston-bound himself, my putt putt rival found it in his heart to sponsor an old pal heading out on the road. I look forward to toasting him, and perhaps sharing a personal story of our friendship in a future blog entry that may or may not be on Sunday, August 28 when Synthetic Division plays in Boston with Bella Morte, Inertia, Strange Affection and Anar at:

Middle East -
472 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA.

Over on Facebook, I got a question from a prospective DC show mocha sponsor, asking if you had to be able to attend the show in that city to be the sponsor.... the answer is absolutely not!  Because I’d feel bad asking someone to pay to get into a show and sponsor the iced mochas and muffins.

Hope this little blog post finds everyone happy and healthy.

Positively Yours,

PS... Ben and I are doubles tennis champs amongst our friends in our CHILDREN OF THE COURT tennis league, having defended the title a record 12 times in a row. Check us out. Fans of Decker’s Daily might remember this moment making my Top 10 Mocha Moments of 2010.