Dab the AIDS Bear visits NYC to spread the word about Teddy Bear Touchdown!

Announcing the 2008 Teddy Bear Touchdown! In the USA, children are affected, by a parent or guardian with HIV/AIDS, and literally infected with HIV/AIDS at an alarming rate. Here’s your chance to make a difference this holiday season to those children. Make a donation anything and/or send a gift (by November 30.) Most of these children come from families with an adult who is also HIV+ and/or has AIDS and is living on less than $25K a year. I know times are tight right now; in fact I’m only giving to charity this year (sorry friends and family,) and donating to the Teddy Bear Touchdown in definitely on my list!
Dab Garner (aka “Daddy Dab”) created the concept of “Dab the AIDS Bear” in the early 1980’s, giving stuff bears to AIDS patients (mostly gay men.) Back in those days AIDS was called GRID (gay-related immune deficiency)....hmmm, how NOT p.c., now more than half of the people living in HIV/AIDS in the world are heterosexual. The point being, the US doctors didn’t really know what they were dealing with. AIDS patients were treated like they were in leper colonies. Visitors and staff had to wear protective garments (gowns, masks, etc.), because no one knew how this new disease was spread. Garner gave out bears to his friends as a sign of hope, and security.
“I would personalize the bear to something I knew about them. From personal experience, nothing is worse than being in the hospital and being scared when you think you are going to die.” - Dab Garner

Garner developed the Teddy Bear Touchdown through unfortunately personal experience. He and his soul mate had adopted a little girl with AIDS, both Garner’s husband and daughter died from the disease. Garner is still fighting for them, through his activism and love. The Teddy Bear Touchdown is not only for the holidays, money from the “Touchdown” fund is used for HIV/AIDS kids’ summer camps, AIDS education, and much more.


Please visit the Dab the AIDS Bear Project website, and simply click Teddy Bear Touchdown to give a gift or donate money.