Apparently there was a lot of muffled laughter about The Swatchmen, a superhero group I will lead into battle the day after I am cured of hemophilia.  (Read the original blog here.)

Well, the Swatchmen Facebook group is bursting at the seams with 48 members, one of which already has their alter ego ready to go- The Confusinator!   I imagine we’ll break the 100 mark by the time that cure rolls in.

You may want to join us.  I have a lot of pent up thickblood envy that I am planning on unleashing once I am cured.  So join or, as the Confusinator would put it, “Consequence the suffers!”

In all seriousness, who knows when a cure for hemophilia will happen?  The science will take time, I’m sure.  I joke about being cured, but I have mild hemophilia, and stay away from the temptation of joining the local rugby league, so the impact of the disease on my adult life is minimal. 

Still, the enormity of the advances made from just before I was born to the potential of what awaits in my lifetime is a pretty wide swing.  From people being able to manage bleeding episodes by infusing concentrated blood plasma, in effect going from a “victim of disease” to a superhero (The Infusinator, anyone?), to the horrific consequences of HIV infection... to being cured.

That’s a lot of science, human error and human triumph in the story of those who have lived with hemophilia or “thinbloods”, as I affectionately refer to those with bleeding disorders.  (Shout out to my peeps with Von Willebrand!)  And I eagerly await the day when there is a cure, but I hope that lessons learned are never forgotten.

If they are, then maybe someone will have to answer to myself, The Confusinator, and lots of former Infusinators.

Positively Yours,