Sounds like something someone important should have said, doesn’t it? But I don’t know who. It’s what I say on this anniversary of Trump’s inauguration and the first day of a government shutdown. On this day, and every day, I choose to make life about more than politics and negativity and fake news. I also choose to make it about more than me and my health.

So what do I choose? Thankfulness is one thing. I am thankful for the health that I do have. After all, I’m still alive, as are all of you. And for many of us, that’s quite an accomplishment in itself. We’ve had a lot of help along the way, and I’m also thankful for that. Life—and health—is more than something that just beats the alternative. Life has its challenges, but it also has its opportunities. Each day offers us an opportunity to “go forth and prosper.” Mary Shelly (as made famous by Mr. Spock)

Is it always easy? Of course not. Do I have bad days? Absolutely. But so far, the good days outnumber the bad—by a lot. So have a good day—I’m going to—and try not to sweat the small stuff.