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Looking Back on “Philadelphia” and How It Changed My Life

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I remember scary days 80’s and 90’s,seeing so many friends die,made it to2009 before being diagnosed , young gays don’t know the price that was paid for new ground breaking medicine that makes it easier to treat than diabetes,I was moved by ,And the Band Played On,An Early Frost,Longtime Companion,,Philadelphia really was hard to watch,because i thought that was my fate,appreciate young people what act-up and older Gay activist did for you,watch all these movies and learn,the fight is not over.

January 6, 2019 Tulsa


Longtime Companion saved my life. It kept me from taking AZT. I kept myself healthy holistically until Crixivan was finally approved by the FDA (no thanks to Reagan) along with Sustiva. The ending of Longtime Companion tore my heart out, just like Philadelphia, the song and the movie. The song Philadelphia seemed like it was written for me. Thank you, Bruce Springsteen!

December 15, 2018 New York


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