It’s a little late, but unlike others, I take this Person of the Year stuff seriously. I don’t rush the decision in the waning days of 2008 to get airtime or press like everyone else.

bamabowling.jpgNo, while they are out cosmic bowling and partying, looking ahead to 2009, I’m crunching numbers, trying to figure out who had the biggest impact of 2008. Who came from little-to-no expectations and then shocked an unexpecting world?

Of course, Michael Phelps dominated sports, setting an Olympic record for most medals won. But take him out of the pool and his credentials start to get a little soggy. Barack Obama battled Hilary Clinton, then a triple threat match against McCain, Palin and Joe the Plumber.

Still, he was a state senator. It wasn’t a shock this time around that a senator would take the White House, since he and McCain were both senators.

That only leaves one person. My pick for 2008’s Person of the Year: Mike “The Miz”!


The former Real World star (talk about overcoming adversity) could have kept himself going with paid appearances at Miami/Vegas bar openings and Real World/Road Rules challenges. But no, he wasn’t content with that. He pursued his dream to be a professional wrestler, joining World Wrestling Entertainment.

Not only did he win the WWE Tag Team Championship with his partner, John Morrison, he also took the WWE’s coveted Slammy Award for Best Tag Team, a nod to his work with Morrison, who would overshadow most tag team partners.

Not the Miz. In 2008 no one, in or out of the ring, could compare.

I was leaning towards The Miz before the Slammys, but after he snagged the award I thought I’d look pretty damn stupid overlooking him here. Plus, he’s already having a Hulkamania-esque effect on young kids, who are idolizing him. Check this out.

More children will grow up to be wrestlers than presidents, too.

So there you have it, my Person of the Year for 2008, Mike The Miz. Here’s to hoping he defends not only his tag team title, but his title as my Person of the Year as well.

Positively Yours,


P.S. Several friends visited me over the weekend and surprised me with a Rickrolling intervention. I promised them, as I promise you now: no more Rickrolling. I know I have a lot of trust left to earn, but it’s early in the year and I only need to look to my pick for 2008 Person of the Year for inspiration.