I felt bad about Rickrolling my friend and then exploiting his pain as Blog fodder. So I decided to interview Irvin, so he could lend his voice and face to pain of the the millions upon millions of RVs (Rickroll Victim) out there.

When I Rickrolled you, what were you doing?

I just sat down to eat lunch.

How did you feel?

A bit confused, I was still waiting for the stroller safety video. Then a smile spread across my face.

Had you ever been Rickrolled before?

Never, I didn’t know about “Rickrolling” before.

Would you ever consider Rickrolling someone? Rickstrolling?

Yes, maybe you. I think I’ll have to wait at least a couple years to catch you by surprise, then bam, you’ve been Rickrolled Bitch.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Thank you for your time, Irvin.

I really wanted to get behind Irvin as “the Face of Rickrolling”, I think his program would be a big hit on college campuses. But he never responded to my request for a black and white photo of himself not smiling.

Maybe he’s not ready. Or maybe the above was all Irvin had to give. If that’s the case, I hope that we all understand Rickrolling, and the consequences, a little bit better. I know I do.

Positively Yours,


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