The last show was on Saturday here in Charlottesville, and I gotta thank my good friends in Bella Morte for their part in making this happen.  A huge part of the new release A Symptom of Life was being able to record it with Andy Deane’s help and also having a years-long standing offer to hit the road with them as a supporting act.

Part of doing this was to integrate my HIV education work with my music- and doing so really motivated me to finally take the music of the road, which was (thankfully) well-received.  A huge thanks goes out to one of my best friends since high school, Josh D’Elia, who came in from Los Angeles to do the tour with me as a member of Synthetic Division.  

I haven’t hung out with Josh for two straight weeks since my pre-HIV speaking days, I was probably 19.  For me, the greatest joy of doing this tour was being surrounded by friends on the road- from everyone in Bella Morte (including Marshall Camden, who helped keep Synthetic Division going in 2007 by joining up) to everyone who came out to a show or a coffee meet up.

I got some more photos and vlogs from the road to share this week, and a lot of sleep to catch up on too... am starting back on my HIV meds, and will slowly figure out what other adventures await this summer.  As I said quite a few times on tour mid-set, right around the time I disclosed my status and informed everyone of the free condoms by the merch table: “I hope everyone is enjoying their life as much as I am mine.”

It is so true.  I am loved.  I am alive.  And I’m HIV positive.  The fates have smiled on me in so many ways, and the way I show my appreciation is by showing the love I feel to loved ones as I try to protect strangers from the virus I am living with while also giving hope and a few laughs to those who are already in the same boat as I am.

And I’ll keep on doing it. 

Positively Yours,

Big thanks also go out to my tour sponsors, Poz Magazine, MTV Staying Alive and One Condoms- thank you all for helping to make this tour rock so safely.   

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