On Sunday night I had the privilege of talking with positoid badasses Jeromy Dunn and Robert Breining of PozIAm Radio, go here to hear the entire interview in all of it’s splendor... (thanks for the wonderful discussion, guys!)

I’d been on Robert’s net radio show before last year when I spoke with him and Jack Mackenroth, who I got meet in person at last week’s Masquerade on the Mall, where Poz magazine and Miss America, Caressa Cameron, were honored by the Whitman-Walker Clinic for their HIV awareness work.  Regan was on hand to accept the Poz honors, and I got to strike a pose with her and Jack, even though I think I look like a creeper here.  I enjoyed having the opportunity to raise some money with Gwenn at the event, too... in less than 8 minutes we helped raise over $12,000!

Here are some more photos from The Blade.

I was really impressed with Gwenn for reading the room for what it was- a lot of very generous people who care deeply about HIV/AIDS.  I’m glad she stepped up and rose to the occasion. I’m also glad that so many people in the room got the chance to see how lucky I am to call her my partner.

So my upcoming tour is rolling through Philadelphia, Robert Breining’s turf.  On his radio show, I announced a public Decker’s Daily, at which I am expecting about 5 people to turn up.  That’s cool, I like quaint, cool crowds! 

If you’re in the area, consider joining me and Gwenn for a mocha. (details below)

Oh, and that H&M Contest from the previous entry... please... vote... for Synthetic Division!  We are barely in the Top 10, and have to hold through Friday.  Every vote counts, and it’s the only way I’ll have a chance to play the Fashion Against AIDS launch party. I thank you from the bottom of my thinblooded heart for all the support!  I promise to do you all proud as I hit the road next week to play some synthpop, celebrate life and hand out hundreds of free condoms.

Positively Yours,

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