Been hearing bits and pieces of this story for the last month, and the proposed anti-gay laws in Uganda in which it would be punishable by law to not report someone whom you suspected of being a homosexual.  In addition, the language of the law made it justifiable to then put homosexuals to death.

Yes, death panels.  Actual death panels written into law, not dreamt up by anti-health care lobbyists/politicians in the United States. Poz founder Sean Strub shared the following video on his Facebook page:
"This needs to be distributed widely. Fundamentalist Christians spreading such intense hate in Africa are now getting exposed. They’ve recently come out in opposition to the proposed Uganda legislation that would execute certain homosexuals and require all citizens to report anyone they thought was homosexual. But don’t let their new-found opposition fool you. This video is what some of their most prominent leaders are really saying in Uganda."

I don’t think Scott Lively represents all Christians, but one of my problems with organized religion of any sort is how a minority such as the gay community (and women, in a broader sense) can be In the discussion with Rachel, he explains how the fundamental Christians/politician group is actively fighting this anti-gay Ugandan legislation privately.

This is a definitely a story worth being made aware of.

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