Sex-Justice-Conference-560.jpgLast weekend I participated at the Sex and Justice conference at the University of Michigan, organized by Trevor Hoppe with the support of David Halperin and other. Glad to see Bill Dobbs, Amber Hollibaugh, Robert Suttle, Todd Heywood, Deon Heywood and many others sharing perspectives on important work.

The discussion about how HIV criminalization, criminalization of sex work and sex offender registries
are inextricably linked was fascinating.  There was an almost palpable longing for these related efforts to come together as a cohesive movement with a broader base. Maybe the time is right for that to happen.

From Nan Hunter’s blog (click here to read more):

I have been to (far too) many conferences, but the one that wrapped up yesterday at the University of Michigan was one of the best I have ever attended. My bet is that it will mark an important new stage in advocacy on sexuality and law-related issues. The Sex and Justice Conference was one of those rare gatherings where the focus was on both serious intellectual engagement and methods of advocacy that are smart, principled and impassioned...