Charles Oliff, winner of the Labtest Contest, proved that he’s not only in tune with my t-cell count, but that he’s also in tune with the people.  Here’s Charles’ victory speech- which he admits may have been influenced by his recent viewing of the Oscars.

"I would first like to thank the poz blog, for giving me a place to comment my guess. I would like to thank Shawn Decker for his awesome book and music - without which, I might never have followed his twitter feed and seen the contest. I would also like to thank my fellow contestants - for we are all winners here in having Shawn’s numbers be good.

Thank you, thank you, I will wear the t-shirt with pride."                                                             - Charles Oliff, Labtest Contest Champion

No, thank you, Charles.  For being a true Renaissance man by already owning a copy of My Pet Virus and Synthetic Division, Get With the Programs.  I look forward to a long reign by such a classy, cultured champion such as yourself.  Here’s to many more contests to come. Your shirt is on the way!

Positively Yours,

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