Today was great- Gwenn and I got to help surprise our good friend, Riki, who turned 40 on April Fool’s Day.  He’s an incredible guy, one of many folks I am lucky to know as well as I do.  For instance, somehow, at his birthday party the renowned local chef gave me these Easter-inspired treats he’d made.



The cookie on top was mocha-flavored.  Nom nom nom...  to further indulge I got an iced mocha on the way home from the surprise party, got out my favorite Easter picture and enjoyed the goodness.  If you’re wondering, that’s me and Poz founder, Sean Strub, not to be confused with the Easter Bunny seated between us.  I believe this classic photo was taken in 2006, based on my hair color of blood red.

Not only did I get a surprise cookie today, I also got this greeting from the Labtest Contest winner, Charles, who was sporting his winning Screw Smarter t-shirt.  He looks like he’s comfortable in the shirt, as well as being in the position of being the champ.  It will be interesting to see if he defends in July!

In the meantime, I’m going to keep doing what I gotta do to keep these t-cells up.  For me, that’s sleeping well, eating decently, taking my meds and enjoying this life I’ve been so privileged to have for as long as I have.  Hope everyone had a good day, regardless of their beliefs in religion or giant bunnies that sit in chairs at the mall and make people like me happy.

Positively Yours,
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