Happy Easter!

I really just wanted to post that picture again. Found it on last year’s blog, when I interviewed the Easter Bunny and we spoke about my then-obsession with Sanjaya and the Vote For the Worst mini-scandal.

Ah, that was awesome: I signed up for their forums, where they try to manipulate American Idol results by voting for the worst singer, and posted about how I was supporting Sanjaya as someone living with AIDS, and posted numerous cheap plug references to My Pet Virus.

When they rightfully banned me, I cried foul: AIDS discrimination. The little twerp who runs the site freaked when a few readers of this blog wrote, “Why did you ban Shawn Decker for having AIDS?”

Eric Cartman of Southpark would have been proud.

I didn’t get an interview with Easter Bunny... er, Rabbit, this year. But I did get an interview with another one of my childhood heroes. More in the next blog.

Positively Yours,


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