Prince Charming excels at foreplay. I’m talking about Logo’s new reality show Finding Prince Charming. The gay dating competition doesn’t debut until Thursday, September 8, but it’s already got everybody heated up.

First, if the internet gossips and their gag-worthy NSFW pics are to be believed, we find out that Prince Charming himself, Robert Sepúlveda Jr., has a past. Not a deal breaker for me, personally (look at it this way: more work experience = better skills). Plus, who doesn’t want to see how that explosive tidbit gets divulged in the show!

And now we hear that one of the suitors is open about having HIV. This was first reported on TMZ, but Sepúlveda and the show’s host, Lance Bass, confirmed on People Now that indeed a contestant is HIV positive. Watch that interview here. Better yet, they discussed the topic in an open, non-shameful manner. Very promising.

“For me, it’s like: Is someone HIV-positive not worthy of love?” Sepúlveda told People. “That’s really the question, and it doesn’t matter to me. ‘Prince Charming’ would be accepting of anyone, and that’s how I am.”

He went on to stress his outlook: “Again, me being ‘Prince Charming’—the guy that everyone’s vying for their attention—I’m not going to not date someone because they’re HIV-positive. That’s ridiculous. It’s really a stigma that we have to resolve now.”

“All of us know someone that is living with HIV,” Bass added in the People interview, “and I think the stigma is still really bad out there—people are just so uneducated about it. To us, obviously it doesn’t matter at all, we’ve been around it so much, but I think this is really going to educate a lot of people. I’m excited for people to watch it, especially this episode.”

I’m excited to watch it too. Which is crazy because I always made fun of these kinds of shows. Not that I’m anti-romance. Just that they’re about as “real” as Ryan Lochte’s blond locks. But after binge watching UnReal, the behind-the-scenes drama set on a reality dating TV show—season one is sooo good!—I’m super curious about Finding Prince Charming.

I admit it: At first, I was hoping the show would be a hot mess of a train wreck. (You can watch clips and read profiles on the suitors here.) But who knows. If this enlightened HIV discussion is any indication of the show’s quality, these guys might actually win my heart.