POZ April-May 1995

POZ April-May 1995

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Larry Kramer

Larry Kramer, With Sugar On Top

We all know Larry Kramer, or think we know him.

Don’t Drink the Water

Everywhere, it seems, people are shrieking about water safety. From magazine covers. In newsletters and newspapers.

Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis Surfaces

The Journey of self-discovery begins for a gentle Olympic champion

Way Bundy

A Thousand Words

A single image can catch our eye, change our mood, heal our soul, change the world.

Peter Jennings

Peter Jennings Gets Angry

A large part of the fight against AIDS has been an uphill battle to have the true scope of the pandemic shown in the media.

Inside the Issue

Larry Kramer

Hello Larry

Superstars opine on Kramer

Does Your City Test for Crypto?

Cities are not yet required by the EPA to test for Cryptosporidium in their water supply.

pot of boiling water on the stove

H20 411

Boiling water for five minutes is the best protection against Cryptosporidium.

POZ Magazine

POZ Reads

A visual feast, a frank book

POZ Magazine

Time After Times

Reporter Tom Morgan firmly takes stock

Benetton advertisement


French attitude toward AIDS is truly offensive

POZ Magazine

Sex, Lies & Videotape

Telling the truth only gets tougher with time

POZ Magazine

A Queen for Connie

Blunt talk from Los Angeles AIDS diva

POZ Magazine

Liver To Tell

Doctors analyze POZ publish Sean O. Strub’s liver values

POZ Magazine

That Sinking Feeling

Anemia is avoidable, identifiable and treatable

POZ Magazine

Who Say’s There’s No Glamour?

Leading woman’s magazine profiles straight PWAs

POZ Magazine

Feel the Burn, Baby

HIV doesn’t have to kill your dreams

POZ Magazine

Hurry Up and Wait

Go ahead and be difficult, stubborn and obnoxious-it’s your right

POZ Magazine

John Milks Booth

A trip to the adult “boothstore” recalls the South of France

POZ Magazine

Surefire Man-bagger

Looking for love at the local supermarket

POZ Magazine

Why Not a Cure?

ACT UP’s AIDS Cure Project will work

POZ Magazine

Delta, Delta, Delta

HarperCollins’ Cracking the Corporate Closet exposes American businesses

POZ Magazine

Christian Soldiers

Mario Gonzalez does good works with Catholic group

POZ Magazine

My Brother, My Self

Choreographer Neil Greenberg touches nerve with AIDS work

POZ Magazine

Casey’s Pop Life

Mariah Carey’s mother and HIV positive sister in custody battle

POZ Magazine

Mississippi Burning

Unprecedented judge’s ruling sparks widespread outrage


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