POZ April-May 2014

POZ April-May 2014

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Hot & Bothered

Stuck between science and politics, sex ed struggles to break free. 

Against All Odds

Playing the HIV numbers game is less—and more—risky than you think.

From the Editor

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Sexual Healing

Although sex ed is stuck between science and politics, educators and advocates across the country are struggling to break it free. 


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Letters-April/May 2014

In the op-ed ’Desert Migration’ (January 8, 2014), Daniel F. Cardone shared why he focused on aging with HIV/AIDS in Palm Springs, CA as...


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Dangerous Writing

Renowned author Tom Spanbauer returns with a novel about HIV/AIDS, aging with the virus and falling in love.

POZ Planet

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Desires to Connect

Richard Renaldi photographs strangers who touch.

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Porn’s Disappearing Condom Trick!

Falcon Studios has used digital technology to erase condoms from its gay film California Dreamin’.

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Antigay Laws Raise HIV Concerns

A lineup of the latest international culprits

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Does Love Protect Against HIV?

As much as two-thirds of HIV transmissions take place in the context of relationships.

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A Military HIV Milestone

The U.S congress is taking action to address HIV criminalization in the context of the military. 

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Redefining Sex at the CDC

Spurred by an open letter from advocates, the CDC agreed to no longer use the term ’unprotected sex’ when it means ’sex without condoms.’


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The Last One

The director of ’The Last One: The Story of the AIDS Memorial Quilt’ writes about why she made the film.

Care and Treatment

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AIDS Caused by ’Cellular Suicide’

For the first time, scientists have shed light on the precise, step-by-step process by which untreated HIV causes AIDS.

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Condomless Sex Rises Among Gay Men

Between 2005 and 2011, the rate of men who have sex with men who reported having anal sex without a condom in the past year increased by 19 pe...

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New Hep C Drug Sovaldi Approved for Coinfected Use

The FDA approved Sovaldi among people coinfected with hep C and HIV.

The PrEP Report

Prescribing Truvada to HIV-negative people as PrEP enjoys widespread support from infectious disease doctors--in theory, but not in practice

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FDA OKs Switch to Complera

The FDA has approved the use of the triple-combo antiretroviral Complera for HIV+ adults who switch from a stable regimen.

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HIV Specific Poison May Complement Antiretrovirals

A study conducted in mice has shown that a toxin engineered to target HIV can eliminate infected immune cells.

Research Notes

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Prevention: Teens Take Risks, Still Don’t Test

High schoolers in the Bronx, New York, who have risky sex and maintain a detailed knowledge of HIV are not more inclined to get tested for the...

an hourglass with sand running downwards

Treatment: Near-Normal Life Expectancy

Life expectancy for young people taking HIV therapy has soared to nearly normal levels. 

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Cure: Dashed Hopes for Viral Remission

Two HIV+ men who displayed no signs of the virus for extended periods off ARVs following chemotherapy and stem cell transplants both...

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Concerns: Fast-Progressing HIV Strain

Scientists have discovered a strain of HIV in West Africa that progresses to AIDS in about five years.

SeroZero by GMHC

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Editor’s Note

SeroZero will feature information about prevention and a variety of public policy issues affecting people living with HIV across the country.

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I’m Still Here, Thank God

Sharon Delores Vail shares her story of survival after her HIV diagnosis.

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Research Roundup: Women Over Age 50 and HIV

Women over 50 living with HIV are a particularly under-researched demographic. 

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Releasing Health: Reintegration and Me

Sometimes it was easier to remain in prison because HIV to me was a prison for ’bottom feeders’ and society’s predators.

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What’s Really New About the HIV Epidemic and Young Black Men?

Since the impact of HIV/AIDS on MSM of color became above the fold, front-page news, some have incorrectly labeled Black MSM ’the new...

POZ Heroes

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Drawing Out the Details

Since college, Sapna Mysoor has devoted her life’s work to promoting sexual health and HIV/AIDS awareness among Asian and Pacific Islander (AP...


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