POZ December 2000

POZ December 2000

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The Secret Plot to Destroy African Americans

The community is clamoring with theories about why blacks are hit harder by AIDS—and what to do about it.

Tales of the (Safer Sex) City

With barebacking the rage and HIV on rise, the boys of West Hollywood babble on about whether or not to get gay bars to serve up the latex.

Clean, Sober...and Medicated?

From painkillers to medical marijuana, HIV meds can pose a tough challenge for people in recovery.

Inside the Issue

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The Viral Lowdown: Can You Believe What She Says?

It’s rag time, and our gossip maven takes to her bed -- and therein, loves, lies the dirt.

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: Say What

“Conquering AIDS will be a priority in the Bush White House.”

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: Word Is Out For New HIVers

Gay Shocker: “What a shame”

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: Dishing Out the Denial

If you’d predicted a year ago that the HIV dissidents would provide 2000’s lead story, we would have laughed you right back into your K-hole.

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: Pharma Flubs Phase IV

FDA to Activists: Be careful what you wish for.

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: Lack of Leadership Leaves Latinos In Lethal Lurch

So it was the year of the Latino, right? If you’re a bilingual pop star, you grabbed Grammys and platinum record sales.

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The Viral Lowdown: Mystery: Partially Positive

Exposed Sero-Negatives may hold key to cure, but the CDC and activists pooh-pooh Dada data.

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: Prison Death Prompts Probe

Treatment for TB she never had killed HIVer

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: HIVers in Hock to Homophobia

South Africa President Thabo Mbeki’s bizarre position on HIV not causing AIDS has two sources -- one legitimate, the other not.

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: African AIDS Under a TAC

Treatment activists make HIVers mad

POZ Magazine

The Viral Lowdown: If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who?

Despite our desire to put a 20-year tragedy behind us, we must show compassion -- now when it is needed, now when it hurts.

bright sun shining in blue sky with white clouds

The Viral Lowdown: News Flash: The Sky Isn’t Falling!

The success of HAART must rank as the year’s deepest denial as the activist crazies whine on, shamelessly and mindlessly, about drug failure

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I’ve been getting POZ since day one. Your Side FX issue is one of the best.

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The Art Of Living

Visual AIDS shifts focus from art to giving aid and comfort to the living

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Summit, Some More

More than 150 world leaders descended on New York City in September for the United Nations’ Millennium Summit.

POZ Magazine

Channel Surfing

Never underestimate the power of a few e-mails—or the pre-programmed conservatism of many tele

POZ Magazine

Shout Out

“Go away! I cannot take this rubbish any longer.”

POZ Magazine

Lights! Camera! Handcuffs?

The four screenwriters sit in a circle, flanked by producer and director, debating which lines of dialogue sound most realistic.

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Quick Picks

In the end-of-year MIX: Positoid columnist Shawn Decker (with partner Gwenn Barringer) represents the U.S. in MTV’s Staying Alive 2.

POZ Magazine

Life Is Sweet

San Francisco-based musical Hard Candy explores AIDS through the story of one Lucas

POZ Magazine

Packing Meat, Just Barely

It’s raining heavily tonight, but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of the five men (and one facilitator) in Manhattan’s Meatpacking Dist...

POZ Magazine

A Cell of One’s Own

The day is hot, and the pathetic, ancient air conditioner in the clinic waiting room is not up to the task.

POZ Magazine


Even bend-over-backward-with-tolerance San Fransciscans snap sometimes.

POZ Magazine

Doing AIDS Justice

Laura Whitehorn dials up John Morgan Wilson, who takes a noir look at the HIV blues in his latest Benjamin Justice mystery.

POZ Magazine

Petal Pusher

After escaping the grim reaper, River Huston lets the rage fall and the forgiveness flow. Our lady of the flowers asks, Why kick the pricks wh...

POZ Magazine

Carry On, MP

Elected officials rarely walk the walk when it comes to AIDS. Doug Ireland had to jump the pond and cross the equator to find two who do—...

POZ Magazine

Milk Got You?

If you’re livid with lactose, Nursie’ll wean ya.  

POZ Magazine

Comfort Zone

After dealing with HIV for 15 years, I am only too well acquainted with aches and pains.

POZ Magazine

Big Science Kicker

Many an HIVer has struggled with cocaine addiction, and a new study offers pointed backing for one detox method used for decades.

POZ Magazine

Herb Of The Month


POZ Magazine

Protease Progeny

The newest PRODUCT on the PI shelf arrived in September, when the FDA approved another much-needed treatment option for HIVers.

POZ Magazine

It Takes Guts

For a burglar trying to break into your house, the presence of many doors and windows boosts the chances for success.

POZ Magazine

Between A Recovery And A Hard Place

For sober HIVers with problem meds like pot, here’s the dope.

The 4-H Club

Partners in paranoia


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