POZ February-March 2007

POZ February-March 2007

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The View

Eric Brun-Sanglard, an HIV positive interior designer, lost his sight 11 years ago. But when he got his own reality TV show...

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Status Seekers

Is picking sex partners of same HIV status the safe way to condomless pleasure or is it risky self-segregation?

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Mentors-Feb/March 2007

Fat deposits, sunken cheeks: Body-shifting side effects can break your bank and your spirit.


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Filling Station

To replace the facial fat that some HIV meds steal, some positive people countenance a permanent fix.

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Behind Every Good Woman?

A common infection sneaks up from the rear

How the Other Half Lives

Will gender-changing hormones neuter your HIV regimen?

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After 24 years of living with HIV, I know that I can’t rely on drugs alone—vital as they are.

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Reyataz: Out With the Two Old, and In With One New

If you’ve been on a combo that includes two 150 mg capsules of Reyataz (atazanavir) a day, your next refill may seem a bit skimpy.

Ask the Sexpert-Feb/March 2007

A serodiscordant couple asks our sexpert about the guilt that can come from irrational fears of transmission.

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Clap Trap

Gonorrhea’s most surprising hiding place: your throat

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In the House

On the dance floor, HIV positive black gay men find spiritual healing through house music.

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Pay It Forward

In the rush to diagnose and treat Americans who don’t know they’re HIV positive, who’ll be stuck with the check?

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Health By Chocolate

How to have your candy and eat it too

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Heart Condition

I fall in love constantly. I’m 25, after all. And a fine black brother. And a poet.


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Saved by the Belly

After a positive diagnosis, belly dancing boosts self esteem-—at the gut level.

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Party Games

Should people living with HIV pin all their political and personal hopes on the newly Democratic congressional majority?

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Discomfort Inn

A subsidized AIDS housing crisis hits New York and the nation

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Disobedience School

How to override a global patent

Styx and Stones

The HIV positive bassist for Styx takes on Top 40 disclosure

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Parental Guidance

Helping AIDS orphans head their households

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Oral Majority

It’s 8 a.m., and patients shuffle into the Columbia Oral Health Clinic in South Carolina wearing a familiar look of dread.

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Office Flirt

If Angelica can’t date her doc, maybe he can fix her up with a replacement.

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Who’s the Boss

Spencer Cox has survived HIV—but can he survive the manager from hell? 


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Ed Letter-Feb/March 2007

Sorting It Out

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Mailbox-Feb/March 2007

I was stunned to read Jim Huntting’s column “I’m Outta Here” (November 2006).

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Catch of the Month-Feb/March 2007

And your biggest turn-off? Men who spit. It’s so unsanitary. And the sound! Unappealing.


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