POZ Focus - Managing Your HIV

POZ Focus - Managing Your HIV

This issue offers inspiring tips and solutions to help people living with HIV enjoy life to the fullest.

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Living Long-Term With HIV

Thanks to today’s antiretroviral treatment, people with HIV can live longer than ever. But the ultimate goal is to thrive, not just survive.

HIV-Positive Women Face Unique Challenges

Women prioritize taking care of their families, sometimes at the expense of their own health.

Keys to a Long Life

Aside from adhering well to your HIV meds, there are other things you can do to ensure that you live a long and healthy life with the virus.

The Four Ds and Ps

Christopher Murray has distilled four major life challenges that many people with HIV may face. And he’s created four solutions.

Why Adherence Is Important

The main goal of HIV treatment is to fully suppress the virus so that your routine viral load tests consistently come back undetectable.

7 Ways to Improve Adherence

Adherence isn’t easy for everyone. Sticking to a medication regimen can be tough, but here are some tips and tools that may help.

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Billy Duckett

I want to use this as an opportunity to let other people know they will be OK. There are people out there who can help.

Henry Nunez

It is important to keep faith, and even more important to take one day at a time, to stay healthy and to take my meds as prescribed.

Ashley Murphy

My goal is to remove the stigma of living with HIV and to educate others so that people do not have to feel ashamed or live in fear.


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