POZ July-August 2003

POZ July-August 2003

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Dog Years: Henry (from left) with the author and Jack Sigesmund, 1987; with Richard Hackney, 1989; with Paul Grippardi and author, 2003

The Truth About Cats And Dogs

HIVers pay tribute to our better halves—the canine and feline (and equine and avian) pals that save our lives every day.

Sunshine on life with Carie Broecker, 37

Pets Talk Back

Is it really love? Or do you just stick around for the treats?

Getting’ Hot In Here

Does the shutdown of a major study mean menopausal HIVers should shun hormone replacement therapy?

The Big Bang Theory

It sounds more like science fiction than science: A growing number of people are exposed to HIV—maybe even infected—but still test negativ...

Inside the Issue

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Publisher’s Letter

Ten years ago, I was obviously younger, arguably cuter and had no trouble at all getting laid.

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How can Brad Peebles be an AIDS leader without being in touch with all of his family about his health and sexual orientation?

POZ Magazine

Sex Ed’s Rubber Rubout

Abstinence-pushing federal funds are stretching thin proven HIV and pregnancy prevention in schools. How long before sensible parents and trut...

PrEP written on a chalkboard

PREPing For Sex

What if the most effective HIV prophylactic wasn’t pleasure-muting, giggle-inducing latex, but a pill you could take once a day.

POZ Magazine

On Me, Not Inn Me

For guests who hit the minibar before the mattress, two New York state senators have introduced a bill that would make all state hotels...

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Out Of Data

UNAIDS and the World Health Organization (WHO) disputed a headline-making International Journal of STD & AIDS report that fingered dirty...

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MTV’s “Fight for Your Right” website raps about clap and hums with HIV prevention.

POZ Magazine

I Go Shout Plenty

For the late musician and pan-African activist Fela Kuti, the Afrobeat goes on

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Class Pictures

The faces are proud, frail, serene and unflinching, and the texts that accompany them often explode AIDS tropes.

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On Sesame Street, as Mr. Noodle, he held his own against Elmo.

Time Out

Feds to prisoners: Get out of jail, get counseling and care

POZ Magazine

Bill Me Later

Perhaps you remember the $15 billion President Bush pledged to the global AIDS fight in his State of the Union address back in January.

POZ Magazine

Pos & Neg

100,000 U.S. HIVers aren’t getting their meds, the CDC estimates, because federal and state funding for AIDS Drug Assistance Programs...

POZ Magazine

Natal Attraction

Addressing the estimated 25 percent of U.S. HIVers who don’t know they’re positive, the CDC is pushing HIV testing as a routine check-up.....

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In April, Lifetime premiered Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story, a docudrama about a neggie teen, homeless after her mom’s AIDS ...

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Wall Of Controversy

On April 22 Los Angeles’ City Council approved plans for an ambitious memorial in Lincoln Park, the Wall/Las Memorias, to break the...

POZ Magazine

Shades Of Gray

Did whites say an AIDS vaccine failed because it did not work for them?

POZ Magazine

Give Me Fever

You probably know of Henry Heimlich’s world-famous anti-choking maneuver, but you might find his other innovation harder to digest.

POZ Magazine

Bad Meds

Florida’s underground market for Rx drugs could be endangering HIVers, the state health department has warned.

POZ Magazine

Pass The Scalpel—And The Bucks

Countless HIVers suffer from lipo’s puppet cheeks and buffalo humps, but health  plans won’t shell out to fix ’em.

POZ Magazine

Northern Exposure

Nobody believed that Clarence Smelcer (see photo) could corral a group of Alaska’s native HIVers into one room to discuss the disease.

POZ Magazine

Cell Low, Cell High

Even veteran HIVers sometimes get all those different kinds of white blood cells mixed up.

POZ Magazine

Pillow Talk

HIV meds gave me lipodystrophy—extra fat accumulated on my upper back between my shoulder blades.

POZ Magazine


The root of HIV-related lipodystrophy—abnormal fat redistribution—is a big fat mystery.

POZ Magazine

A New Gay Plague?

It may be Sars time now, but in fall 2002, a smaller epidemic erupted.

POZ Magazine

Hard Workin’ Beans

Unseen and unsung, your kidneys are toiling away, in the small of your back behind your ribs.

POZ Magazine

Viread, Once A Wonder Drug

It fights HIV! It fights hep B! No icky side effects! Too good to be true? Duh.

POZ Magazine

It’s His Party

Rob Phelps flacks for the drug that saved his life—and cries ’cause he wants to.

POZ Magazine

Out Of Sight

There’s a lot more to survival than meets the eye. Just ask Joe Westmoreland.

POZ Magazine

Walk This Way

One small step for baby,  one giant step for grandpa.


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