POZ October-November 2021

POZ October-November 2021

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Our Stories Matter

Despite being disproportionately affected by HIV, many Latinos living with the virus are thriving.

Spicy Indian-Style Chicken/Turkey Burger

Guilt-Free Comfort Food

This simple fall meal is low in calories yet rich in the flavors of fall.

10 consejos para  vivir con el VIH tips

10 Consejos para vivir con el VIH

Siendo VIH positivo, puedes mantener tu salud y prolongar tu vida considerablemente accediendo el cuidado y tratamiento adecuado.

Editor’s Letter

POZ October/November 2021 Flags rev ed letter

Maybe This Time

In this special issue dedicated to Latinos, our cover story focuses on the experiences of Latinos with HIV.


Beauty, Brains and Heart

Miss Universe Andrea Meza shares her passion for health and fitness—and HIV awareness.

POZ Planet

Yellow Pillow by Hugh Steers

In the Beginning

David Zwirner highlights artists lost to AIDS early in the epidemic.

Vanessa A. Castro

Making Gen Z Free of HIV

HRC trains Latino and Black LGBTQ advocates.

candle candle light vigal

Everyday – October/November 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.


heart paper cut out figures illustration

My Heart

Advocate and blogger Bob Leahy shares how his life-changing heart surgery altered the course of his HIV advocacy.

dark silhouette man shadow depressed

Not Invisible

The advocacy group AIDS United questions why U.S. plans to fight HIV omit sex workers.


blood sugar log and sugar monitor and fruits and vegetables

Ask POZ – October/November 2021

How can I manage my diabetes?


Group of Friends Gays Celebrating and Dancing

Latinos and HIV

Latino communities are disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS.

Research Notes

needle in vial vaccine

Prevention: Long-Acting PrEP

Long-acting injections given every two months could soon offer a new option for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.

calendar month August

Treatment: Twice-Yearly

Lenacapavir, a twice-yearly injectable, suppresses viral load in people with highly resistant virus.

vials and beakers test tubes red liguid lab

Cure: New Approaches

Starting antiretroviral therapy very early shrinks the latent viral reservoir and improves the prospects for attaining a functional cure.

patient being wheeled on gurney in hospital

Concerns: COVID-19 Risk

Studies of COVID-19 risk among people with HIV continue to reach different conclusions.

Care and Treatment

race car in pit stop with pit crew

The Fast Lane to Undetectable

People in JumpstART achieved viral suppression three times faster than those in the control group.

Getting Mobile to Bring People Back Into Care

A cross-sectional study asked 50 people which of six different models of care would make HIV treatment doable for them.

red colored x-ray of heard and vessels

A Cardiovascular System on Fire

The first data from the much anticipated REPRIEVE trial on statin medications for people with HIV are out.

Transgender female looking through window

Have Hormones, Will PrEP

A study suggests that pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) pills work at full potency in women of trans experience who use feminizing hormones.


Guillermo Chacón

Honoring Community

Guillermo Chacón is the president of the Latino Commission on AIDS.

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POZ October/November 2021

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