POZ bloggers keep their fingers (and keyboards) on the pulse of the HIV community, sharing their thoughts on myriad subjects, both timely and timeless. Peruse the 20 most-viewed blog entries of 2021 and you’ll find musings on the death of conservative windbag Rush Limbaugh—the shock jock used to mock people who died of AIDS—and personal takes on COVID-19 vaccines and the impending spike in sexually transmitted infections.

Of note, June 5, 2021, marked 40 years since the first reports of what became known and HIV/AIDS. The No. 14 entry on this year’s list of top blog entries is an interview with the doctor who wrote that original 1981 report.

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Below are POZ’s 2021 top blog entries, the 20 that received the most views this year:

1. Rush Limbaugh and His AIDS Update
By: Shawn Decker
Posted: February 17

2. Alarming Dual Pandemics: COVID & HIV/AIDS
By: Joyce Mitchell
Posted: November 17

3. Condoms: A Love Story For #InternationalCondomDay
By: Shawn Decker
Posted: February 13

4. POZ Posters Latest Free Resource for Our Community Partners
By: POZ Staff
Posted: May 12

5. POZ en Español Content Expands
By: POZ Staff
Posted: July 26

6. 50... Ryan White Would Have Turned 50 Years Old Today.
By: Shawn Decker
Posted: December 6

7. COVID Boosters for PLHIV
By: Paul Kawata
Posted: July 27

8. This 74-Year-Old With HIV Can’t Get a COVID-19 Vaccine
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: March 31

9. The Gay Men of “Jerker” Escape AIDS Through the Phone Line
By: Mark S. King
Posted: April 20

10. Five Things My Heart Surgery Taught Me About HIV
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: August 4

11. Filling Out Your Profiles On Dating Apps: Why or Why Not?
By: POZ Personals
Posted: February 4

12. Our Days Are Numbered
By: Bob Leahy
Posted: May 3

13. R.I.P. Joseph Sonnabend, MD
By: Joseph Sonnabend, MD
Posted: January 24

14. He Wrote That First AIDS Report in 1981. He Has a Lot More to Say.
By: Mark S. King
Posted: June 2

15. Rush Limbaugh Mocked AIDS Deaths. These HIV Activists Outlived Him.
By: Mark S. King
Posted: February 21

16. Five Steps the Biden-Harris Team Can Take Right Now to Help End HIV
By: AIDS United
Posted: January 20

17. A Trip to Ptown That Brought Me to Life
By: Richard JMV
Posted: September 10

18. Sexy Fun in the Sun
By: Richard JMV
Posted: February 1

By: Undetectable = Untransmittable
Posted: November 24

20. The Roaring Twenties Are in Full Swing
By: Peter Staley
Posted: July 7