We’re in a sentimental mood. Since our first issue in May 1994, when celebrity scribe Kevin Sessums rubbed shaved heads and knocked workboots with coverboy Ty Ross, POZ has gone for broke. But leafing through the past 46 issues, even our pat-themselves-on-the-back editors were surprised at all the outrageous, brilliant, enchanting voices we’ve had the honor of publishing. What better way to celebrate five years of survival than with an album of our favorites? And, ever trendy, we also had to check in with this month’s eight great cover subjects to learn about life after POZ immortality. Their answers are truly news. So here’s to us and our readers, and to what POZ founder Sean Strub calls “bonus birthdays”—may we each have many more. But most of all, here’s to the day when we close our last issue because there’s nothing left to cover but the cure.