POZ May 1999

POZ May 1999

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A POZ Family Album

We’re in a sentimental mood.

POZ 5TH Anniversary Issue: Year One

In his first S.O.S., founder Sean O’Brien Strub sets the goal.

POZ 5TH Anniversary Issue: Year Two

Andrew Sullivan orders up “Larry Kramer With Sugar on Top.”

POZ 5TH Anniversary Issue: Year Three

Jeff Getty tells Bruce Shenitz why he respects doctors who risk his life.

POZ 5TH Anniversary Issue: Year Four

For Larry Kramer, a little “Andrew Sullivan, True Believer,” goes a long way.

POZ 5TH Anniversary Issue: Year Five

POZ’s commitment to a captive audience continues with this S.O.S.

"I'm older now, and I want to live a more normal, more settled life." Ty Ross

POZ 5TH Anniversary Issue: Profiles

Ty Ross, Kiyoshi Kuromiya, Raven Lopez, Shawn Decker and more get profiled.

Inside the Issue

The Way We Live Now

Where the hell are we?

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Andrew Sullivan


POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Jocelyn Elders

Former Surgeon General 

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Mario Cooper

Founder, Leading For Life

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Richard Goldstein

Village Voice Executive Editor

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Phill Wilson

AIDS Social Policy Archive

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: David Ho

Doctor, Researcher

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Judy Greenspan

California Prison Focus

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Kaiya Montaocean

Indigenous Medicine Advocate

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Ashok Row Kavi

Editor, Bombay Post, India

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Pat Califia

Writer, Sex Radical

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Dennis DeLeon

Latino Commision on AIDS

POZ Magazine

The Way We Live Now: Jason Farrell

Founder, Positive Health Project

The Way We Live Now: The Artists

POZ asked 27 authors, artists, and activists to explain these bizarre post-protease, pre-cure times.

Honeymoon to HAARTache

After living in the shadow of death for over a decade, the AIDS community heralded the protease era with frenzied exuberance.

POZ Magazine

Monkey Business

Researchers nab genus of AIDS genesis

POZ Magazine


My friends who died have left me an inspired legacy.

POZ Magazine

When Plagues Return

Laurie Garrett and Esquire magazine plot against complacency 

POZ Magazine

To the Editor

My stomach turned in disgust and my T-cells probably dropped due to the stress of being so upset over your bareback articles.

POZ Magazine

School Ties

Principal needs nod from parents

POZ Magazine

The Bottom Line

CDC report on risky sex raises many fears, a few jeers 

POZ Magazine

Up Close & Personal

Bareback-sex ads in the Bay Area Reporter have San Francisco’s Aggressive AIDS Prevention all steamed up.

POZ Magazine

Say What

“[New York’s Department of Correctional Services’ James] Flateau noted that ‘condoms are a security threat because inmates and visitor...

POZ Magazine

Two Peas in a POZ

March came in like a lion with news that murder victims Gianni Versace and Matthew Shepard both had HIV.

POZ Magazine

In Cold Blood

Canadian hemophiliacs blame Bill for HIV

POZ Magazine


Misdiagnosed men sue

POZ Magazine

Rubber Poll

For the 22nd annual National Condom Week, America’s first rubber shop, Condomania, surveyed 1,000 people over the Internet in February.

POZ Magazine

Poster of the Month

The Zeal’s on the Bus: Last winter, the newly logo’d amfAR slicked the nation’s public transportation with “it ain’t over” awareness.

POZ Magazine

Success Has Made a Failure of Us

A veteran looks at where treatment activism lost its way

POZ Magazine

POZarazzi: The Bod Squad

Movers, shakers and troublemakers

POZ Magazine

Saint Sorge

Harm reduction and heroin were his life.

POZ Magazine


Vernon “Copy” Berg, 47; Ryan Nakagawa, 40; John Watson, 44

POZ Magazine

Anecdotal Antidotes

In my three and a half years at POZ , few tasks have been as difficult as deciding which treatments

POZ Magazine

Get Over It

Free advice and a shot of attitude for head-and-nose aches

POZ Magazine

Rubdown Lowdown

Massage can tune up your immune system and your mood

POZ Magazine

The Berlin Stories

Call it the “Berlin Patient” cloning.

POZ Magazine

T-20, Coming to a Combo Near You

Is anybody home? That’s what people with multidrug-resistant HIV and no treatment options are yelling as they peer into the drug pipeline.

POZ Magazine

Pill Drill

Yes, it’s true: Drugs work better when you take them.

POZ Magazine

Suck in Your Gut

Although just two percent of a person’s HIV is typically found in the bloodstream, most researchers focus on attacking the virus there.

POZ Magazine

Put the Gart Before the Course

The push to use genotypic antiretroviral resistance testing (GART) for selecting meds gained support from several recent studies.

POZ Magazine

Where to Find It

If you want to ACT UP, the Philadelphia chapter can link you with activists near you.

The Skinny on Lipo

Treatment options for fat-gone-haywire 

POZ Magazine


The scoop on how many antiretroviral takers suffer side effects

POZ Magazine

The Road to Wellville

For five years, POZ founder Sean Strub has bared his labs to the world via this column.

In Memoriam Barton Lidice Benes


POZ remembers friends who died of AIDS in the five years since the magazine’s birth.


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