The mostly condom-free straight-porn industry has avoided regulation—and medical catastrophe—with a system of strict self HIV testing. But in April, five stars tested positive, prompting the panicked biz’s brief shutdown and a slew of leering headlines. POZ probed these performers’ scenes to assess the degree of HIV danger associated with each sex act.

+ = Low risk
++++ = High risk

STAR: Bianca Biaggi
FILM: Yesterday I Was Seventeen (Red Light District)
STUNTS: In a birthday threesome, Bianca gets her booty licked, gives a blow job (and swallows); she follows with receptive vaginal sex and a hefty facial cum shot.
RISK REVIEW: A tongue in the backdoor and spermy face cream aren’t dangerous, but unprotected vaginal sex certainly is, and swallowing jizz is iffy—even when given as a birthday present.
POZ RATING: Swallowing cum ++, Receptive vaginal sex ++++

STAR: Darren James
FILM: Choc Full of Nut (Red Light District)
STUNTS: In this threesome, Darren (wearing tube socks) performs cunnilingus and analingus, gets blown and penetrates (solo and with the other dude) the woman’s anal and vaginal orifices.
RISK REVIEW: Darren—whom the industry fingered as the viral vector—does it all. From least to most risky: getting his dick licked, licking a clit, licking a butt, dicking a clit and dicking a derrière.
POZ RATING: Licking butt or bush +, Insertive vaginal or anal sex ++

STAR: Lara Roxx
FILM: Split That Booty 2 (Evasive Angles)
STUNTS: The film hasn’t been released due to its now-historical HIV-swapping showstopper: a rough and rowdy threesome with heaps of double anal penetration (two dicks, one hole).
RISK REVIEW: Two is not always better than one. Receptive anal sex is the riskiest act because it likely tears the skin, exposing fissures and blood—a lousy combo with infected semen.
POZ RATING: Receiving double anal penetration ++++ x2

STAR: Jessica Dee
FILM: Cumback Pussy #45 (Elegant Angel)
STUNTS: A sheet-twisting threesome during which Jess accepts anal, oral and vaginal deliveries; there’s also double vaginal penetration, fingering and facial cum shots.
RISK REVIEW: If only Jess had let fingers do the walking—there’s virtually zero risk of transmission from touch. But leaving the orifices undefended ain’t the smartest career move.
POZ RATING: Receiving double vaginal penetration +++ x2, Masturbating: RISK-FREE

STAR: Miss Arroyo
FILM: Lady Fellatio in the Dog House (Elegant Angel)
STUNTS: A trench-coated tryst with a truck-stop stranger; the missus gives a BJ, but the mister fails to ejaculate.
RISK REVIEW: Of all of the above, Miss A is at lowest risk. It’s possible to contract HIV by giving BJs even when the juice is not loose (HIV travels in pre-cum), but it’s also possible to be struck by lightning.
POZ RATING: Sucking dick without the surprise sticky ending +