To address the growing HIV epidemic among African Americans and to stress the importance of developing an AIDS vaccine, this past February the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) unveiled its “With Me Comes a Cure” campaign. Designed to promote prevention and research, the campaign boasts variations of its slogan on T-shirts, condom holders, church fans and pocket mirrors. People can go to the website and fill in their own version of “With _______ Comes a Cure.” They can also find information about HIV/AIDS and learn what they can do in their community and how they can take part in a vaccine clinical trial.

“There’s a lot of hopelessness going on in the African-American community, and we wanted for people to know that just because past [vaccine] trials have failed, it doesn’t mean that future ones will,” the Reverend Doris Green, AFC director of correctional health and community affairs, told POZ. “But if we don’t own this virus, we’ll never stop it.”

What does Green’s shirt say? “With Faith Comes a Cure.”

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