Having an undetectable viral load means that your HIV meds are working properly. It doesn’t mean HIV is completely gone from your body, but rather that it is at levels too low to be detected by lab tests. Being undetectable also means that it’s nearly impossible to transmit HIV to your sexual partners. It’s important to get your viral load checked regularly. POZ recently asked you about your undetectable status. Here are your responses.

How long has your viral load been undetectable?

53%    more than 5 years

24%    2–5 years

13%    1–2 years

10%    less than one year

When was the last time you had your viral load checked?

67%    0–3 months ago

27%    3–6 months ago

4%      6–9 months ago

1%      9–12 months ago

1%      more than 12 months ago

Has a sex partner ever asked whether or not you are undetectable?

45%    Yes    

55%    No

Has your viral load ever gone from undetectable back to detectable?

26%    Yes

74%    No

Have you ever switched your HIV meds because of your viral load?

17%    Yes

83%    No

How likely are you to engage in condomless sex if your viral load is undetectable?

28%    Very likely

36%    Somewhat likely

36%    Not at all likely

How likely are you to disclose your HIV status to a potential sex partner if your viral load is undetectable?

65%    Very likely

23%    Somewhat likely

12%    Not at all likely