POZ March 2016

POZ March 2016

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Sexual Health Care For All

Planned Parenthood provides vital HIV services for both women and men.

One Down, One to Go

HIV-positive singer and activist Sherri Lewis is cured of hepatitis C.

From the Editor

Oriol R. Gutierrez

You Don’t Own Me

POZ editor in chief Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr writes about the March 2016 issue of POZ.


Letters-March 2016

This month’s letters celebrate the 2015 POZ 100 and reflect on the FDA’s new policy on gay blood donors.


Positive Change

ASCNYC executive director Sharen Duke reflects on 25 years of service and the future of the organization.

POZ Planet

Four-Legged Rx

An exhibit of ‘When Dogs Heal’ their HIV-positive owners

Spring Reading

A roundup of books on HIV and addiction

Welcome to Strut!

San Francisco’s new one-stop shop for HIV, health and wellness at 470 Castro Street

Family Matters in Georgia

“We Are Family,” a campaign by Greater Than AIDS and the Georgia Department of Public Health, sparks talk about HIV.

Testing for HIV: Everybody’s ‘Doing It’

To promote HIV testing , the CDC’s Act Against AIDS initiative launched a campaign titled “Doing It.”

Insurance, At Last

In a first for a major American insurer, Prudential Financial is offering individual life insurance policies.

How to Sext Better

Durex started a #CondomEmoji campaign to convince the Unicode Consortium to add a condom to everyone’s emoji library.

Improving Journalism

Media coverage of HIV looks to improve, thanks to a $130,000 grant from the CDC to NLGJA: The Association of LGBT Journalists.


The HIV Community

Vickie Lynn, MSW, MPH, is an advocate living with HIV who argues for the need to continue working together.

POZ Survey Says

Undetectable Status

Being undetectable means that it’s nearly impossible to transmit HIV to your partners. Here are the responses to our undetectable survey.

Research Notes

Prevention: Transmission Timing

A considerable proportion of HIV transmissions take place when someone has recently contracted the virus or has interrupted ARV treatment.

Treatment: Maturation Inhibitor

A placebo-controlled Phase IIa study of BMS-955176 has shown that the experimental ARV is potent, safe and well-tolerated.

Cure: Protein Power

Scientists have created a two-headed protein that awakens latently HIV-infected immune cells and summons an immune response to kill them.

Concerns: Cognitive Impairment

People with HIV who have mild cognitive impairment are at increased risk of developing symptoms of impairment.

Care and Treatment

Hep C Drug Harvoni OK for HIV Population

The FDA has approved Gilead Sciences’ Harvoni to treat the virus for genotypes 4, 5 or 6 of hep C, and in those coinfected with HIV.

An End to Daily Pills?

Treating HIV without the need for daily meds may become a reality by the decade’s end.

Curing Hep C Lowers Death Risk

People coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) have a much lower risk of death after ridding themselves of HCV.

First Pill With New Tenofovir Gets Green Light

The FDA has approved Gilead Science’s Genvoya, which is the first HIV treatment to include an updated version of tenofovir.

Infections Are to Blame for Many Cancers

A considerable proportion of the cancers that develop in HIV-positive Americans spawn from other infections.

POZ Heroes

Creating Change

Bamby Salcedo is a long-term survivor of HIV who has been working in AIDS advocacy for the past 15 years.


Hot topics

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