Earlier this year- in what many found to be a peculiar blog post- I shared the story of the legendary Rocktree Brothers, an alt-country duo from the early 1970’s who have been said to influence the sound of modern day bands such as the Kings of Leon, who are rumored to be the only people in the United States to own a playable Rocktree Brothers record.

The rest of have only one promotional photograph of Mills and Olan Rocktree, and the hope that someday their music will see the light of day and the world will realize how ahead of the times these guys were based on more than just word-of-mouth, rumor or hearsay. Well, since I posted about them back in February, I must have drawn some attention to my knowledge of the band, because I received the following email which I initially thought to be of the spam variety, like millions of dollars from Nigeria or the promise of a larger penis from people who can’t seem to be able to spell “viagra” correctly.


Considering the nature of the image attached below, I thought it would be perfect to pass along this gem to you with the sentiment that the Rocktree Brothers had some 30-odd years ago when this gem was made.

Here’s looking at 2011!


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