Just like the visible scars you see on your body

the other ones are there as well

They are the emotional scars that you have acquired

Some might say “Get over it” and make you

shrug it off but your subconscious mind is

taking notes and etching the stigmas/labels

and comments in your heart, spirit and soul.


I am undressing and talking off that coat

that says FELON on the back

I am taking off my pants that say

I was a SEX WORKER on the side

I am taking off my shirt that

says someone feels I am a low life

I am flinging my socks that say

I never had any ground (foundation)

to walk on or to call my own

As Eminem said,

“I am cleaning out my closet”

throwing out anything

with a negative attachment

because those were labels that

were acquired and the judgments

were made by others so just like the

child that felt trapped in a world

that I didn’t want to be in… now it is

time to show that child the nightmare is finally over.