POZ January 1998

POZ January 1998

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Michael Jeter Takes on Hollywood

The star of Evening Shade throws a little--on Tinseltown wannabes, media gossip-mongers, gay moralists and his own path to happiness-at-last

Inside the Issue

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Bastard Nation

Adopted PWAs line up for the TIES that find

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The Eyes Have It?

You can make one sure bet about CMV. After that, all bets are off.

POZ Magazine

Their Own Private Africa

Don’t be fooled. AIDS is not witchcraft. AIDS is real.

POZ Magazine

Supreme Indecision

The highest court’s ruling against doc-aided death

POZ Magazine

Come Together, Right Now

So often the phrase alternative medicine is bandied about to describe what some view as the ugly stepsister of mainstream medicine.

POZ Magazine

Over My Dead Body

Leagalize assisted suicide? A disability-rights activist says no

POZ Magazine

What a Riot

Jamaica jails jumpin’

POZ Magazine

All About Colleen

The theater legend was one of the first AIDS fighters

POZ Magazine

Barred and Dangerous

For the incarcerated, justice can be as rare as a decent meal.

POZ Magazine

Second-Class Organs

First-ever transplants for PWAs

POZ Magazine

Loaded News

Blood, semen and fears--Read all about it!

POZ Magazine

Up All Night

Long-term survivor and workaholic Kiyoshi Kuromiya logs in on AIDS

POZ Magazine

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Sean Strub avoids CMV retinitis and gets vision-improving surgery

Do the White Thing

A strange case of hero worship

POZ Magazine

Go Fish

Bermeo, famous for tuna and HIV

POZ Magazine

The Reconstruction Era

Body wasting, common with HIV, is often accelerated in the face.

POZ Magazine

ICAAC: Pros and Cons

Treatment heads get beyond the conference headlines

POZ Magazine

Simply Undetectable

An uninhibited look at the protease hype

One Singular Sensation

A Chorus Line’s Ron Dennis is back on the boards

POZ Magazine

Mind Your ZZZs and Snooze

Drug-free home remedies for insomnia

POZ Magazine

Ad Fib

The nelfinavir “Maximize Your Options” line


Italian Yeast Fighter

Oregano’s not only good on pizza -- in extract form it battles Candida

POZ Magazine

Not Tonight, Honey

This just in: Your sex columnist is not in the mood

POZ Magazine

What Did I Do Right?

Don’t tell me your secret and I won’t tell you mine

POZ Magazine


AIDS has taken its place among the many social and political ills that our leaders dismiss as too complex and intractable to be solved.

POZ Magazine

Miss Diagnosis

Women sues for false positive

POZ Magazine

Cyber POZ: TPAN Alley

Need to know about clinical trials?

Let the Sunshine In

It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings

POZ Magazine

Lady Bunny

Dominic is all ears when it comes to Playboy’s Christie Hefner


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