POZ January-February 2013

POZ January-February 2013

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Nathaniel and Linda Scruggs

Heart to Heart

Three HIV-positive couples share their inspiring love stories.

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Myths of Black MSM

True: HIV is on the rise among young African-American men who have sex with men. False: Promiscuity is to blame.

From the Editor

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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Inviolata Mmbwavi inspires me. As a girl, Inviolata helped plant a tree in Kenya as part of its Green Belt Movement. 


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Letters-January/February 2013

It is a shame that we have to experience these testaments to find out who we really are. My HIV doesn’t make me.


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Standing Against Stigma

Kenyan HIV/AIDS activist Inviolata Mmbwavi fights for social justice and the right to dignity.

POZ Planet

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Storm Troopers

Recoveries and reflections after Hurricane Sandy

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Say What-Fran Lebowitz

“After AIDS, I think that [gay] people were afraid of a kind of official response to AIDS, like they would be arrested…”

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Oh No Canada

The Supreme Court requires more HIV disclosure

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Signs of the Times

Two AIDS groups in the South move into new, and more visible, homes.

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For Your Consideration...

’Tis the season for cinematic spectacle and red-carpet awards. Don’t overlook these recent documentaries about everyday heroes of the AIDS epi...

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Climb Every Mountain

The hills are alive with much more than the sound of music.

African-American male with smart watch and headphones texting messages on mobile phone during jogging session.

Grindr IQ

Are guys who use hookup apps dumb about HIV?

Care and Treatment

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Using Condoms As Directed

The good news: Condoms can reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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English Lessons

HIV meds are now free to all residents of England, courtesy of the National Health Service. 

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Comprehensive Care Is Possible

An inner-city HIV clinic in Baltimore has proved that a robust and dynamic health care practice can produce astonishing results even among the...

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HIV, Meds and Booze

Alcohol itself doesn’t have a detrimental effect on CD4 cell counts for people taking antiretroviral therapy, a recent study concludes.

Research Notes

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Cure: HDAC Inhibitors May Need Combos

Scientists have achieved a proof-of-concept that cancer drugs known as histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors can flush HIV out of the long-elu...

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Prevention: Revisiting HIV in Semen

You’ve probably heard of the groundbreaking HPTN 052 study showing that a fully suppressed viral load slashed HIV transmission rates by 96 per...

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Treatment: New Fusion Inhibitor, Integrase Inhibitor

The 2012 Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy in San Francisco brought promising news of new, long-acting antiretr...

POZ Survey Says

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Full Disclosure

Deciding to tell someone you have HIV can be a difficult and daunting decision regardless of whether you just tested positive or have been..

POZ Heroes

Andrena Ingram

Minister of HIV

When Andrena Ingram applied to attend seminary, a bishop asked her what gifts she brought to the church.


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