POZ January-February 2014

POZ January-February 2014

In every issue, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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Body Counts By Sean Strub

Body Counts

POZ founder Sean Strub tells all.

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Faith, Hope and Charity

The black church takes a seat at the HIV/AIDS table.

From the Editor

POZ Magazine

Houses of the Holy

How much power does religion hold within the fight to end AIDS?


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Letters-January/February 2014

The article ’Cut to Fit’ challenged the non-believers around circumcision as a form of HIV prevention. 


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Sister Solidarity

Positive Women’s Network USA executive director Naina Khanna advocates for self-empowerment.

POZ Planet

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Like a Prayer

Soulful poems, psalms and affirmations for those living with HIV

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More Gay Couples Can Test Together

 A program that allows gay male couples to receive HIV counseling and testing together. 

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Poz Stories: Erin Gingrich

Former Miss Arizona finds herself in a new role as AIDS activist. 

Peter Staley in the "HIV Equal" testing campaign

Status Symbols

The ’’HIV Equal’’ testing campaign includes all.

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The AIDS Walk, with a Cane and Cameras

Joseph Kibler completes the 6.2 miles of AIDS Walk Los Angeles overcoming physical adversity.

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Out in the Open

An LA advocacy group gives visibility to black gay men and HIV.

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Oh Baby, Baby!

Salt-N-Pepa snowboards help Lifebeat.


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Remembering Dennis Daniel

The POZ staff pay tribute to our late friend Dennis Daniel, who helped launch the magazine and stayed with the company until his death.

Care and Treatment

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Glowing Reports on Global AIDS

Global AIDS advocates celebrate advances that seemed unimaginable a decade ago.

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Red States Say No to Medicaid Expansion

The Deep South has proved uniformly stubborn in its refusal to expand Medicaid.

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New HIV Replication Pathway Discovered

A controversial new study challenges the belief that the unintegrated virus cannot reproduce.

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Low Viral Load Still a Threat

HIV-positive people taking antiretrovirals who have an ongoing detectable viral load may be at a raised risk for treatment failure.

POZ Magazine

Cocaine Fuels HIV

Cocaine may raise the likelihood of acquiring HIV and also fuel the virus’ spread from cell to cell.

Research Notes

POZ Magazine

Prevention: Possible Microbicide Tricks HIV

A new potential microbicide element may be fooling HIV.

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Treatment: Antifungal Agent Fights HIV

The topical antifungal agent ciclopirox wipes out HIV in laboratory studies.

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Cure: CCR5 Gene Therapy Milestone

Scientists have proved that it is possible to engineer immune cells to control HIV without ongoing antiretroviral therapy.

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Concerns: Worse Outcomes From Multiple Clinics

Those who receive treatment for HIV at numerous clinics, instead of at one, are less likely to be on antiretrovirals.

POZ Heroes

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Tough Love

After seven years living HIV positive Stephanie Brown has gained the strength to speak out.


Hot topics

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