POZ June 2020

POZ June 2020

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POZ June 2020 Ed Barron

Stand By Me

For long-term survivors, the key to embracing resilience is sticking together.

Portrait of an Artist

A book excerpt about living in the past to survive AIDS.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

I’ll Stand by You

Our cover subject, Ed Barron, is a long-term survivor of not only HIV, but also many other conditions.


Hank Plante winning one  of his six Emmy Awards

Bearing Witness

A journalist with experience reporting on the early U.S. AIDS epidemic reflects on HIV and COVID-19.

POZ Planet

A harm reduction tent at AIDS Project Worcester

Service During COVID-19

A snapshot of HIV providers responding to the new pandemic

Listen to LGBT and HIV History

The podcast series “Plague” explores historic conflicts and quiet compassion between the church and LGBTs during the early HIV epidemic.


Everyday — June 2020

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


heart shape cloud pink sky

Live and Love

Long-term survivor John Reams shared his story of profound loss and immense gratitude.


corona virus covid-19

The New Coronavirus and COVID-19

HIV itself doesn’t raise the risk of getting the new virus, but some HIV-positive people are prone to severe illness.

Care And Treatment

Birthday cake decorated with colorful sprinkles and ten candles

Normal Life Expectancy!

People who start HIV treatment early have a normal life expectancy, according to new findings.

World Topographic Map

Test-and-Treat Success

Reduction in community-level viral load predicts HIV transmission decline

Lonely young latina woman sitting on bed. Depressed hispanic girl at home, looking away with sad expression.

Many Go Off HIV Meds

A new study found that 44% of Medicaid enrollees with HIV who stopped antiretroviral treatment did not restart therapy within 18 months.

Female feet in jeans and sports shoes on a bench

Youths Less Likely to Be Undetectable

A recent NIH study found that adults have a much higher viral suppression rate than youth.

Research Notes

vial and needle vaccine injection medication

Prevention: Vaccine Ineffective

Large trial of HIV vaccine finds it does not prevent HIV


Treatment: Every Two Months

Whether given every four or eight weeks, long-acting injections of cabotegravir and rilpivirine suppressed HIV equally well.

London Big Ben

Cure: Second HIV Cure

London man, who was treated for lymphoma with a stem cell transplant using HIV-resistant stem cells, is “almost certainly” cured of HIV.

illustration lungs male figure

Concerns: Lung Disease

People with HIV are diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at a much younger age, study suggests.


Andrew Spieldenner

Centering Our Voices

Andrew Spieldenner works to center the voices of people with HIV.


People wearing protective Medical mask for prevent virus Wuhan Covid-19

HIV and COVID-19

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