POZ October 1997

POZ October 1997

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Hydeia L. Broadbent

She’s Come A Long Way From Baby

Hydeia L. Broadbent has Shirley Temple’s star quality, Whoopi Goldberg’s wit and Madonna’s media savvy. Oh yeah, she also has AIDS.

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Last Laughs

Death be not proud and disease be not pretty, but The Diseased Pariah News giggles all the way to the graveyard

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Sex It Up

How to treat and defeat impotence

Inside the Issue

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Poet’s Corner

HIV takes Atlanta’s Vimal Jairath from science to art.

In a Huff

A former Jesuit finds hope outside the House of Worship

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Next-Door Neighbor

Louise Binder has a lot to say about AIDS activism, Canadian-style.

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Man with a Mission

Mark Hamilton, UN ambassador on AIDS

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New Shave Cinema

“A porn star saying he has AIDS is not a career move.”

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Call To Arms: Expended Access

Stop the rollbacks in expanded access to experimental drugs for optionless PWAs

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Victory Too Sweet?

FDA warns that protease inhibitors may cause diabetes

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POZ Picks

Books, film and theater

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All the Rage

Andrew Cunanan and ”AIDS Fuel Frenzy”

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Trick or Treat?

The battle over when to intervene with protease cocktails has now taken center stage in the AIDS community.

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At the End of Your Rope?

A guide to your antiretroviral options when all else fails

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Hit Early, Hit Hard?

The feds’ long-awaited antiretroviral guidelines spark controversy

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The Boy Who Stole the Show

...And the filmmaker’s heart

A Love Story for the ’90s

Independent filmmakers have done much in recent years to reverse Hollywood’s shameful silence about the ravages of AIDS among gay men.

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Dirt Angel

Selenium, found in soil, is a crucial antioxidant for strong immunity

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A Very Pleasant Worry

With Sean Strub’s HIV disease stabilized, it’s time to look at long-term health concerns

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A Load on His Mind

Tom Morgan’s antiretroviral crisis of faith

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Carnal Knowledge

Sex is the most powerful force in the world, a force to be worshiped and learned from, not harnessed, hidden or ignored.

Love Your Doc? POZ Readers Tell Why

In picking a practitioner, look for expertise, partnership, and a warm smile.

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Portrait of the Artist as....

Stephen Andrews’ “Fingerprints” touch something special

S.O.S.—November 1997October 1997

To bare the truth about bareback desires is effective prevention

Bite Me

Even a tiny risk is still a risk

The Defiant Ones

Kudos to PWAs who reject treatment dogmas of all stripes

Boys in the Hood

Klan and fundies stalk gay Casa Nova

The Word on AZT

New resistance data raises old doubts

Chimps off the Old Block

HIV-free primates take it up the nose

Fun with Dick and Jane

At last, a latex that’s ready before you are

A Cut-and-Dry Message

Beauty salons weave safer sex into services

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Three’s Company

Whose door will Salick knock on next?

Wellcome to My Nightmare

Foot-dragging on 1592 provokes protests and boycott


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