POZ October-November 2013

POZ October-November 2013

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¡El SIDA Sí Da!

Translated: AIDS Does Happen! This old Spanish-language HIV awareness slogan remains as relevant as ever for Latinos.

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Cut to Fit

Studies support circumcision as prevention in Africa but a small group argues the science is flawed. Can circumcision lower U.S. HIV rates?

From the Editor

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Rie y Llora

The HIV/AIDS epidemic among Latinos is disproportionate, but there are reasons to worry it may get worse. Are Latinos the next wave of the epi...


Letters-October/November 2013

The article “Magnetic Attraction”  profiled three long-term couples in which one partner is living with HIV while the other is not.


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Unidos Podemos

The Latino Commission on AIDS raises awareness of HIV and provides education on the virus nationwide.

POZ Planet

POZ Magazine

Thank You, Sean Sasser

Partner of Real World star Pedro Zamora dies at 44.

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On the March

Two prevention tactics—PEP and PrEP—see on-the-ground action.

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Get Lucky

Illinois Lottery game funds state’s HIV fight.

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Friend Request

Meet the new face of HIV awareness.

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Then There Were None

South Carolina ends HIV segregation in prison.

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Why Should Gay and Bi Latino Men Get Tested?

A new campaign asks Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) their reason for getting an HIV test.

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Say What? Zombie Edition

“Zombies, their uprising and our anticipated armed struggle against the undead horde is a metaphor for plague--specifically, AIDS.”


POZ Magazine

Obamacare is Here

An edited excerpt from David Ernesto Munar’s POZ blog post “ObamaCare Is Here--But Is It Working for People With HIV?”

Care and Treatment

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Reduced Dose of Sustiva Succeeds

Sustiva (efavirenz) is both safe and no less effective at fighting HIV when the standard dose is reduced by a third.

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New Ways to Beat Gonorrhea

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have announced that two new antibiotic...

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Lower Bone Density Linked to Number of ARV Regimens

The greater the number of times people with HIV have switched their antiretroviral (ARV) drug regimens, the more likely they are to have lower...

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No Detectable HIV in Two Men After Stem Cell Transplants

Super sensitive tests have not been able to detect any virus in two HIV-positive men after each received reduced-intensity chemotherapy follow...

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WHO Revises Treatment Guidelines

The World Health Organization (WHO) has revised its treatment guidelines to recommend people living with the virus begin antiretrovirals (ARVs...

Research Notes

POZ Magazine

Prevention: HIV Test May Help Improve Vaccines

A new, more sensitive HIV test uses microspheres to capture antibodies indicating infection.

POZ Magazine

Treatment: Normal Mortality Risk if Undetectable?

HIV-positive people with a CD4 count of at least 500 and a fully suppressed viral load as a result of antiretroviral treatment appear to have...

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Cure: Cord Blood Transplant Aftermath

Twelve-year-old Eric Blue, who had both HIV and acute lymphoblastic leukemia, died in July after undergoing the first-ever attempt to cure bot...

POZ Magazine

Concerns: Early Treatment in Developing World

The World Health Organization recently recommended beginning HIV treatment once CD4s hit 500 or below, but researchers from Johns Hopkins Univ...

POZ Heroes

POZ Magazine

A Test of Kindness

Maria Mejia was 18 years old when she found out she was HIV positive in 1991. She had just entered a job-training program in Kentucky, which p...


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