Here are the treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. FDA Approves Gilead’s Single-Tablet HIV Regimen Biktarvy
Posted: February 7

2. Undetectable Meant Zero HIV Transmissions After 89,000 Condomless Sex Acts
Posted: July 24

3. HIV Immunotherapy Method Performs Well in Early Safety Trial
Posted: September 21

4. Long-Acting Injectable HIV Treatment May Become a Reality
Posted: August 15

5. New Lawsuits Against Gilead Over Its HIV Med Tenofovir
Posted: May 10

6. Having HIV Is Independently Linked to Heart Failure
Posted: July 31

7. A New Case of Apparent PrEP Failure Comes With Hazier Details
Posted: March 20

8. Injectable PRO 140 HIV Treatment Hits Research Milestone
Posted: February 26

9. Long-Acting Injectable HIV Meds Suit Study Participants Very Well
Posted: January 29

10. HIV Quickly Starts Damaging the Brain, but Treatment Halts Progression
Posted: May 7

11. FDA Approves Truvada as PrEP for Adolescents at Risk for HIV
Posted: May 15

12. Scientists Find No Signs That Well-Treated HIV Replicates in Lymph Nodes
Posted: March 5

13. CDC Identifies Clusters of Rapidly Transmitting HIV Nationwide
Posted: March 5

14. Numerous Medications Are Linked to Depression and Suicidal Symptoms
Posted: June 21

15. Reports of Imminent HIV Cure, Once Again, Are False
Posted: November 12

16. More Evidence That Switching to HIV Regimen Biktarvy Is Safe and Effective
Posted: March 5

17. FDA Approves Merck’s Delstrigo and Pifeltro to Treat HIV
Posted: August 30

18. $11M Grant to Study Gene Editing to Wipe Out the Latent HIV Reservoir
Posted: February 12

19. Researchers Report Rare PrEP Failure in San Francisco
Posted: October 11

20. “Super Receptor” on Immune Cells May Hold Key to HIV Cure Research
Posted: June 19

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