Adherence—taking your medication as scheduled—is essential to treating HIV. Missing doses can cause drug resistance and limit your future treatment options. If you’re looking to improve your adherence, or if you’re preparing to start a new regimen, it’s important to discuss any fears or challenges you might face with your health care provider. We asked you about your HIV adherence and what you do to make sure you take your meds on time.

In the past month, how many times did you miss a dose of your HIV meds?
64% - Never
18% - 1
9% - 2
9% - 3 or more

Do you use a reminder to take your HIV meds?
45% - Yes
55% - No

Do you carry or store your meds in a special case?
63% - Yes
37% - No

Have you ever…

…missed several doses in a row?
17% - Yes
83% - No

…taken a double dose by mistake?
18% - Yes
82% - No

…run out of your HIV meds?
20% - Yes
80% - No

…switched your meds to improve adherence?
24% - Yes
76% - No

Adherence Tip: Keep your meds next to something you use on a daily basis like your coffeepot, your alarm clock or your toothbrush to help you remember to take them each day.

Source: October/November 2013