POZ July-August 2014

POZ July-August 2014

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Defying Discrimination

The legal tools to fight back are within your reach.

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See You In Court

Tips on Filing an HIV Discrimination Lawsuit

Time After Time

Since AIDS was discovered in 1981, HIV discrimination has been part of its history, as illustrated by these milestones.

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Stemming Stigma

Each of us can help fight the flames of negative and unfair beliefs about HIV.

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POZ HIV Drug Chart

Antiretroviral (ARV) options abound for both those who are new to HIV treatment and those who are experienced.

From the Editor

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Strong Enough

HIV stigma challenges all of us living with the virus to find the strength to live our lives with dignity and hope.


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Letters-July/August 2014

Diabetes vs. HIVIn a POZ Forums thread titled “I’d rather have HIV than diabetes”


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Accelerating Action

The former AIDSmeds editor-in-chief finds a new role as HIV project director of the Treatment Action Group.

POZ Planet

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Past and Present Tense

Historian Martin Duberman, author of Hold Tight Gently, explains why we should never forget AIDS pioneers Michael Callen and Essex Hemphill.

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Finger-Pointing in Russia

Russian lawmakers do not have their fingers on the pulse of HIV prevention. 

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Summer Schoolin’

“Sharpies” and CFAR undergrads study AIDS research.

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The House That Frankie Built

The “Godfather of House Music” Frankie Knuckles died March 31 at age 59 of diabetes complications, but his legacy will live on bey...

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The Numbers

In May, the always-in-fashion Joan Rivers helped prepare the 15 millionth meal for God’s Love We Deliver

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Lead by Example

Carl Sciortino helms AIDS Action of Massachusetts.

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Mother Knows Best

Ryan Lewis’s HIV-positive mom wants to build 30 health centers.

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Fighting Stigma by Telling Stories

The goal of the website ’My Status is NOT a Secret’  is to reduce stigma by humanizing the HIV experience.


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Close to Zero

An edited excerpt from a post by POZ blogger Aundaray Guess titled “Coming Back From Zero” on his early struggles with HIV treatment adherence...

Care and Treatment

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Hep C Cure Rates are the Same for Those With HIV

Treatment for hepatitis C virus (HCV) is in the midst of a stunning revolution.

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Second Baby Possibly Cured of HIV

A second baby born with HIV has no detectable evidence of the virus following an aggressive antiretroviral (ARV) treatment regimen given short...

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On the Horizon: Long-Acting ARVs

Promising research suggests that long-acting antiretrovirals (ARVs) that allow for dosing every one to two months may become a reality.

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Risk of Transmitting When Undetectable May Be Zero

Two years into a second major study examining the chances of transmitting HIV with an undetectable viral load, there have been no transmission...

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More Gays Test for HIV; More Take HIV Meds

An increasing number of men who have sex with men (MSM) are taking HIV tests, and more of those living with HIV are taking antiretrovirals (AR...

Research Notes

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Prevention: Woman Controls HIV Naturally

Scientists have discovered a 33-year-old woman, diagnosed with HIV at age 19 and lupus at 27, who has developed powerful antibodies that may h...

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Treatment: TasP’s Success in British Columbia

British Columbia offers solid, real-world evidence that the treatment-as-prevention strategy (TasP) can successfully fight the HIV epidemic.

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Cure: No Virus After Early Start on ARVs

A man who contracted HIV perhaps 10 days before starting a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) regimen and who then received full antiretroviral

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Concerns: Dormant Cells Foil Cure Research

A laboratory at Johns Hopkins University has thus far failed in its recent quest to use cancer drugs known as HDAC inhibitors to significantly...

SeroZero by GMHC

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Mandatory Mail Order Pharmacies: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

New Yorkers with life-threatening and chronic conditions are being required by the health insurance industry to use mail order pharmacies. 

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Releasing Health: I was Afraid I was Going to Die in the Cell

In 1990 I was arrested for marijuana possession. I believe I was HIV positive at the time because I was getting sick

Excerpts from ’Fenced In: HIV/AIDS in the US Criminal Justice System’

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 1.5% of all inmates in state and federal prisons have HIV or AIDS.

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GMHC Action Center Interview: A Report from AIDSWatch 2014

GMHC Action Center members and staff participated in AIDSWatch 2014, in Washington, D.C.

POZ Survey Says

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Staying On Track

Adherence—taking your medication as scheduled—is essential to treating HIV. 

POZ Heroes

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Catherine’s House

When Catherine Wyatt-Morley, a married mother of three from Tennessee, was diagnosed with HIV in 1994, she remembers facing debilitating stigm...


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