Like any other relationship, the one between you and your doctor is ideally based on openness and good communication. Finding a health care provider is essential to successfully managing your HIV. It’s also important to find someone you are comfortable with so you can be honest about any questions or concerns regarding your care. We asked you to tell us about your relationship with your HIV doctor. Here’s how you responded:

Is your HIV doctor also your primary care physician?
69% – Yes
31% – No

The waiting time at your doctor’s office is…
55% – Excellent
37% – OK
8% – Poor

How often do you visit your HIV doctor?
70% – Every few months
22% – Twice a year
5% – Once a month
3% – Once a year

How easy is it to make an appointment with your HIV doctor?
56% – Very easy
34% – Fairly easy
10% – Not easy

How much time do you spend with your HIV doctor?
14% – More than 30 minutes
31% – 21-29 minutes
42% – 11-20 minutes
13% – Less than 10 minutes

78% of you are very comfortable discussing health issues with your doctor

73% say your doctor answers your questions and concerns very well

Most important factors when choosing your HIV doctor:
•    Credentials/experience
•    Geographical proximity
•    Hospital affiliation

Source: Jan/Feb 2013 POZ Survey